Localizing schemas

Schema definition files define the behavior of REST APIs and their endpoints. They also provide API definition documentation. This is information in an API definition file to help users better understand API functionality.

For example, one of the schemas defined in the common_pl-1.0.schema.json file is the Activity schema. The definition includes this description property:

"description": "An `Activity` is an assignable item that represents a task to be done, a
            decision to be made, or information to be aware of"

API definition documentation is included in the responses when using the /openapi.json and /swagger.json endpoints in Cloud API. Users can view this information directly, through API definition tools such as Swagger UI, or in other contexts such as contextual help in a rules editor. Different users working with the same REST APIs could be working in different languages. Therefore, the Guidewire REST API Framework (and Cloud API, which rests on top of that framework) supports the ability to localize schema definition documentation. This capability is loosely referred to as "schema localization".

This topic discusses how to add locale-specific text to schema definition documentation.