Creating a recovery reserve

When creating recovery reserve from Cloud API, there is no POST endpoint whose root resource is a recovery reserve. Recovery reserves are created in the context of a recovery reserve set.

To create a recovery reserve, use the following endpoint:

  • POST /claims/{claimId}/recovery-reserve-sets

Prior to creating the recovery reserve set, you need the following information:

  • Cost type
  • Cost category
  • Currency

The recoveryReservesToWrite object

When you create a recovery reserve set, you must specify the recoveryReservesToWrite. At a minimum, it must consist of the following items:

  • The reserveLine specifies where the money is coming from. To identify this, you must specify:
    • costCategory (a value from the CostCategory typelist)
    • costType (a value from the CostType typelist)
    • The recovery category (a value from the RecoveryCategory typelist)
    • The id of the parent exposure
    • The reservingCurrency

An array of one or more transaction lineItems, each of which must specify:

  • The transactionAmount, including the amount and currency
  • The currency (a value from the currency typelist)
Note that transactions do not automatically inherit the reserveLine’s currency, such as in the ClaimCenter application. Therefore, the currency must be defined three times in the request payload.

Recovery reserve and composite requests

Within a composite request, you cannot create or modify financial objects. This includes recoveries and recovery reserves. However, within a composite request, you can GET information on financial objects.