The check life cycle prior to submission

The process of issuing a check typically involves ClaimCenter and one or more downstream systems. Initially, the check passes through some processing within ClaimCenter. At some point, the check is "submitted" to the check processing system.

The following diagram identifies the statuses that a check can have up to the point that it is submitted, and how the check moves from one status to another.

Life cycle of checks prior to submission
  1. While a check is being created, it is in a draft state with no status.
  2. Once the check is created, ClaimCenter checks the corresponding user's authority limits.
    1. If the check does not exceed any of the user's authority limits, the check moves to "Awaiting submission".
    2. If the check does exceed any of the user's authority limits, the check moves to "Pending Approval". ClaimCenter creates an approval activity and assigns it to the appropriate approving user.
  3. If a check is "Pending approval", the approving user can take the following actions.
    1. They could approve the activity, which causes the check to advance to "Awaiting submission".
    2. They could reject the activity, which causes the check to move to "Rejected".
  4. Once a check reaches "Awaiting submission" it remains in this state until its due date. Once the due date is reached, the Financial Escalation batch process submits the check to the downstream system and advances the check's status to "Requesting".

You can view the status of a given check through the ClaimCenter user interface. Navigate to the claim and then, in the left-hand side bar, click Financials > Checks. This shows a list of checks for the claim and the status of each check.

Advancing a check to submission through Cloud API

You can move a check through a portion of the "Requesting" life cycle through Cloud API. But you cannot manage the entire life cycle through Cloud API.

  • In the Claim API, the POST /{claimId}/checks endpoint creates a check. The check's status is set to either "Pending approval" or "Awaiting submission".
  • In the Common API, the POST /{activityId}/approve endpoint approves an approval activity. If the approval activity is associated with a check whose status is "Pending approval", this advances the check to "Awaiting submission".

However, as of this release:

  • There is no endpoint to move a check from "Pending approval" to "Rejected".
  • There is no endpoint to trigger the Financial Escalation batch process. Therefore, there is no way through Cloud API to submit the check, thereby advancing it from "Awaiting submission" to "Requested".