PATCHing a draft claim

You can use the PATCH /claim/v1/claims/{claimId} endpoint to PATCH a draft or open claim. PATCHing a draft claim may be appropriate when you want to create the draft claim before you have all of the information needed to submit it, and you later need to update that claim with additional information. (It is also possible to create a draft claim with a single POST. For more information, see POSTing a typical draft claim.)

Tutorial: PATCHing a draft claim for personal auto

This tutorial assumes you have completed the following prerequisite tutorials:

In this tutorial, you will patch a draft claim for a personal auto policy.
  1. Start ClaimCenter using the ci-test environment.
  2. In Postman, start a new request by clicking the + to the right of the Launchpad tab.
    1. On the Authorization tab, select Basic Auth using user su and password gw.
  3. Enter the following call, but do not click Send yet:
    • PATCH http://localhost:8080/cc/rest/claim/v1/claims/{TutorialClaimID}
  4. Specify the request payload.
    1. In the first row of tabs (the one that starts with Params), click Body.
    2. In the row of radio buttons, select raw.
    3. At the end of the row of radio buttons, change the drop-down list value from Text to JSON.
    4. Paste the following into the text field underneath the radio buttons. (You may need to adjust the loss date to match the effective and expiration dates of the test policy.)
        "data" : {
          "attributes": {
            "howReported": {
              "code": "internet"
  5. Click Send.

Checking your work

  1. View the draft claim in ClaimCenter.
    1. In the response payload, note the claim number of the new draft claim. (It is on or near line 8, and it likely starts with "999-99".)
    2. Log on to ClaimCenter as aapplegate.
    3. Click the Claim tab, enter the claim number in the Claim # menu item, and press Enter.

ClaimCenter navigates to the draft claim. Because the claim has minimal information only, ClaimCenter navigates to the Basic Info step of the New Claim Wizard. The How Reported field should be set to Internet.

Note that, in the base configuration, the New Claim Wizard does not display claim numbers while the claim is in a draft state.