An activity is an action related to the processing of a claim that a user must attend to or be aware of. Activities are ultimately assigned to a group and a user in that group. This user has the primary responsibility for closing the activity.

Activities are typically created by users or by automatic ClaimCenter processes, and they are typically closed by users. But, activities can be both created and closed by system API calls.

For a complete description of the functionality of activities in ClaimCenter, see the Application Guide.

Note: Activities exist in all core InsuranceSuite applications. To ensure that activities behave in a common way across all applications, some activity endpoints, such as the endpoints for querying for or assigning activities, are declared in the Common API. Activities can also belong to claims, which do not exist in all InsuranceSuite applications. This means that other activity endpoints, such as the endpoint for creating an activity for a claim, are declared in the Claim API. This topic always identifies the API in which each endpoint is declared.
Note: ContactManager for Cloud API includes the Common API and its endpoints for working with activities. However, in the base configuration of the ContactManager application, there is no user interface or business rule support for activities. The activities endpoints have been included in Cloud API for ContactManager primarily for the sake of consistency, and also to support any insurer who wishes to configure ContactManager so that it can work with activities.