Acknowledging payment transactions

ClaimCenter is typically integrated with one or more downstream financial systems. When ClaimCenter executes financial activity, it typically informs the downstream systems. At some later point, one of these systems may acknowledge that the information about the activity has been received.

Checks have associated payments. When a check set has been approved, the associated checks and payment transactions have a status of "submitting". When you acknowledge a check, the status of the check and its associated payments changes to "submitted". Thus, there is typically no need to explicitly acknowledge payments. they are automatically acknowledged when the check is acknowledged. However, Cloud API does provide an endpoint to acknowledge payments in the unusual circumstance where explicit acknowledgment is required.

To acknowledge a payment transaction, use the following endpoint:

  • POST /claims/{claimId}/payments​/{transactionId}​/acknowledge-submission

When acknowledging a transaction, there is no additional required information. The request can have no body.

The following acknowledges payment transaction cc:88 for claim cc:61.

POST /claim/v1/claims/cc:61/payments/cc:88/acknowledge-submission

<no request body>