Composite requests

From a Cloud API perspective, a composite request is a set of requests that are executed in a single InsuranceSuite bundle (which corresponds to a single database transaction).

  • A composite request can include one or more subrequests that create or modify data. Either all of the subrequests succeed, or none of them are executed. Each subrequest is a separate unit of work.
  • A composite request can also include one or more subselections that query for data.

Subrequests and subresponses are executed serially, in the order they are specified in the composite request payload. ClaimCenter then gathers the response to each subrequest and subselection and returns them in a single response payload. The responses to each subrequest and subselection appear in the same order as the original composite request.

Composite requests can make use of variables. This allows data created by the execution of one subrequest to be used by later subrequests.

Composite requests are limited to a maximum number of subrequests. For more information, see Configuring the maximum number of subrequests.