Retrieving claims from archive

After an archival process, closed claims are placed into an archive, and can only be searched for read-only information. When you need to revert the claim back to an editable active state, you can retrieve the claim from the archive using the POST /claim-infos/{claimInfoId}/retrieve endpoint.

Obtaining the claimInfoId to retrieve an archived claim

After an archival process, ClaimCenter adds the claimInfoID attribute to the archived claim for search and reference purposes. When retrieving archived claims, you first must find the claimInfoId for the associated claim you want to retrieve from archive.

To locate the claimInfoId, search or query for archived claims using /claims/v1/search/claims-v2. Using the /claims/v1/search/claims-v2 endpoint provides claimInfoId for archived claims regardless if the caller originally had access to the claim.

For more information about searching claims, see Searching for active and archived claims.

For example, the following is a response payload from a POST /claims/v1/search/claims-v2 call that searched for an archived claim:

POST /claims/v1/search/claims-v2

    "attributes": {
      "archived": true,
      "archivedAdjuster": "Betty Baker",
      "claimInfoId": "cc:SLmj",
      "claimNumber": "235-53-365870",
      "insuredName": "Richard Jackson",
      "lossDate": "2021-10-19T00:00:00.000Z",
      "policyNumber": "4775949863-0",
      "archiveState": {
        "code": "archived",
        "name": "Archived"

Reference the claimInfoId field for claim retrieval.

Retrieving archived claims to return to active status

After obtaining the claimInfoId, retrieve the archived claim using POST /claim/v1/claim-infos/{claimInfoId}/retrieve with an empty request payload.

A successful retrieval returns a standard claim object in the response payload, indicating that the claim has been retrieved from archive and has re-entered an active status.