Improving POST performance

The first time a caller application makes a call to a Cloud API endpoint, the call may take longer to process than normal. This is because the Guidewire server may need to execute tasks for the first call that it does not need to re-execute for subsequent tasks, such as:

  • Loading Java and Gosu classes
  • Parsing and loading configuration files that are lazy-loaded on the first reference
  • Loading data from the database or other sources into local caches
  • Initializing database connections

A caller application can avoid having this slow processing time occur during a genuine business call by "warming up" the endpoint. This involves sending a dummy "warm-up request" to trigger these initial tasks. The warm-up request helps subsequent requests execute more rapidly. The best way to accomplish this is with a POST that contains the GW-DoNotCommit header. The POST triggers the initial endpoint tasks, and the header identifies that data modifications made by the request are to be discarded and not committed.

For more information, see Warming up an endpoint.