The PATCH payload structure

Communication between consumer applications and system APIs is easier to manage when the information in the payloads follows a standard structure. The system APIs have standard structures for both request payloads and response payloads. The structures are defined by data envelopes, and by request and response schemas. POSTs and PATCHes use data envelopes, request schemas, and response schemas in the same way. For more information, see Standardizing payload structures.

Designing a request payload

Designing a request payload for a PATCH is almost the same as designing a request payload for a POST. The only differences are:

  • Fields that are marked as requiredForCreate are required for POSTs but not for PATCHes.
  • Fields that are marked as createOnly are allowed in POSTs but not in PATCHes.

For more information on designing request payloads for POSTs, see Designing a request payload.