In ClaimCenter, a document is a file (such as a PDF, Word document, or digital photograph) which contains information relevant to a claim. Typically, a document is an electronic file, though some insurers may also maintain documents as physical files. Examples of documents could include reports filed by police offices, assessments of damage from home inspectors, or correspondences with the insured.

For a complete description of the functionality of documents in ClaimCenter, see the Application Guide.

Note: Documents exist in all core InsuranceSuite applications. To ensure that documents behave in a common way across all applications, some document endpoints, such as the endpoints for querying for document metadata or contents, are declared in the Common API. Documents can also belong to claims, which do not exist in all InsuranceSuite applications. This means that other document endpoints, such as the endpoint for creating a document for a claim, are declared in the Claim API. This topic always identifies the API in which each endpoint is declared.
Note: ContactManager provides the ability to attach documents to contacts. However, the contact must have the "vendor" tag. Documents cannot be attached to non-vendor contacts.