Policy and job search

The Job and Policy APIs provide endpoints that can be used to search for jobs or policies, respectively:

  • /job/v1/search/jobs
  • /policy/v1/search/policies

To execute a search, a caller can submit a POST request to a search endpoint. The request payload must contain at least one of the following properties:

  • companyName: Complete company name of the insured
  • firstName and lastName: Complete first and last name of the insured
  • jobNumber (job search only): The job number
  • officialId: Official identification code
  • phone: A phone number
  • policyNumber: The policy number
  • producerCode.id: A valid producer code

When searching for jobs, the caller must also include the jobType.code property, which denotes the type of job (such as submission or renewal).

The response payload of a search request can be further filtered by adding any of the following properties to the request:

  • city: A city location associated with a job or policy
  • inForceOn (policy search only): A date string (YYYY-MM-DD) specifying a date on which the policy is in force
  • jurisdiction.code: A jurisdiction code
  • postalCode: A postal code associated with a job or policy
  • product.id: A product ID for the LOB
  • state.code: A state associated with a job or policy
  • street: A street address associated with a job or policy

To get a count of the total number of matches for the search, add the query parameter &includeTotal=true to the request. For more information on controlling pagination, see Controlling pagination.