In some situations, an insurer may need to identify that a job that is in progress has an issue to resolve, but it might be appropriate to resolve the issue after the job is bound. Similarly, an insurer may need to identify that a policy has an issue to resolve, even though there are no active jobs on the policy. For example, the rating for a personal auto submission may include a good driver discount that requires a report on the driver's driving history. The insurer could choose to bind the policy before the driving history has been received.

When situations like this occur, these outstanding issues can be managed through contingencies. A contingency is an object that identifies an issue affecting a job or policy that must be resolved by a particular date. Depending on the outcome, the insurer may opt to change or cancel the policy. Contingencies can have associated activities, documents, and notes.

For more information on the business functionality of contingencies, refer to the Application Guide.

Cloud API provides a set of endpoints for managing contingencies. These endpoints exist in both the Job API and the Policy API.