Account jobs and policies

Querying for job and policy information

To retrieve a list of jobs or policies for a given account, use the following endpoints:

  • GET /accounts/{accountId}/jobs
  • GET /accounts/{accountId}/policies

Moving policies

In some situations, you may want to move a policy from a source account to a target account. For example, this could be necessary if the policy was erroneously associated with the wrong account.

To move a policy to a given target account, use the following endpoint:

  • POST /accounts/{accountId}/move-policies

The POST is executed from the target account (the account that will own the policy moving forward). The request object requires a request payload that specifies the IDs of the policies to move to the target account. These IDs are specified in a policies array.

For example, the following call moves the policies with IDs pc:1021 and pc:1099 to account pc:477.

POST /account/v1/accounts/pc:477/move-policies

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "policies": [
          "id": "pc:1021"
          "id": "pc:1099"

The "move policies" functionality has the following limitations:

  • You cannot move an archived policy.
  • You cannot move multiple policies at one time from different source accounts. Every group of moved policies must be from the same source account going to the same target account.
  • You cannot move a policy to an account that could not normally own that type of policy. (For example, you cannot move a Personal Auto policy to an account that is a company.)
  • All InsuranceSuite applications have a Messaging infrastructure used to send messages asynchronously to third-party applications. You cannot move a policy if it has any pending messages associated with it.