Requesting approval

In some situations, a job has underwriting issues that cannot be addressed by the user assigned to the job. In these situations, the assigned user can request approval from another user (typically a user with a greater level of authority).

For example, suppose there is a personal auto submission with three underwriting issues assigned to Alice Applegate. Alice is able to approve the first two underwriting issues. But the third underwriting issue relates to a high deductible and Alice lacks authority to approve this issue. Thus, Alice wishes to request approval from her supervisor.

When a user requests approval for an underwriting issue, PolicyCenter creates an activity using the approve_general activity pattern ("Review and approve"). The requesting user can optionally:

  • Override the default values coming from this activity pattern.
  • Specify activity assignment logic
  • Add a note

You can execute all of this functionality from Cloud API.

Requesting approval through Cloud API

To request approval for a job, use the following endpoint:

  • POST /job/v1/jobs/{jobId}/request-approval

The request object does not require a payload. If you do not provide one, the resulting activity will have default values from the approve_general activity, use default activity assignment, and have no associated note.

You can optionally provide a request body to do any of the following:

  • Overrides of the values from the approve_general activity pattern
  • Specify activity assignment
  • Add a note

The following is an example of requesting approval with this optional information:

  • The priority of the activity is set to low (which overrides any priority value coming from the activity pattern).
  • The activity is assigned to the group with id demo_sample:31 and the user with id demo_sample:1.
  • There is an attached note.
POST /job/v1/jobs/pc:2277/request-approval

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
        "activity": {
            "priority": {
                "code": "low"
            "initialAssignment": {
                "groupId" : "demo_sample:31",
                "userId" : "demo_sample:1"
        "note": {
            "body": "Requesting approval for high deductible",
            "subject": "Requesting approval for high deductible"

For more information on specifying activity attributes, including activity assignment, see Activities.

For more information on specifying note attributes, see Notes.