APIs for lines of business

Every product in PolicyCenter consists of one or more lines of business (LOBs). From a technical standpoint, every line of business is implemented through a set of LOB-specific artifacts. This can include the following:

  • Database tables that store LOB-specific information
  • LOB-specific PCFs
  • LOB-specific reference tables, such as tables that store class codes

When a line of business is exposed to the system APIs, there is an additional set of LOB-specific artifacts: the LOB-specific APIs. An LOB-specific API is a set of endpoints that can create, read, update, or delete information for a specific line of business. Every LOB-specific API includes endpoints to work with Line resources. Depending on the structure of the line of business, the API may include other endpoints, such as:

  • Endpoints to work with coverables
  • Endpoints to work with locations

Every insurer develops lines of business for their specific needs. This can involve modifying base configuration LOBs or creating new ones. Because of this, the base configuration does not include any LOB-specific APIs. Insurers must generate the APIs for themselves after the structure of the line of business has been sufficiently developed. PolicyCenter provides functionality that lets you generate APIs for the LOBs that support API generation.


Line of business configuration can vary depending on the LOB. For further assistance, contact Guidewire Support.