Question validation

Default validation for questions

In most cases, PolicyCenter restricts the following behavior:

  • Cannot set the value for an unavailable Question

This behavior may be the result of the submission becoming out of sync. In these cases, you can rectify the situation by calling the appropriate /sync-questions endpoint. For more information, see Synchronization and deferred validation.

Deferring validation

For Cloud API, the default validation behavior is referred to as immediate validation. In this approach, validation is provided with each call. A validation error in one call can prevent later calls from executing. This approach is appropriate for caller application the build submissions interactively, such as those backing a user interface.

There is a second behavior called deferred validation. In this approach, validation takes place only once the caller application has put the submission into what it believes to be a consistent state. This is an option for non-interactive caller applications with sufficient authorization. This approach can simplify submission processing by preventing validation checks when the submission is known to potentially be in an inconsistent state. This approach can also reduce the need to determine if questions need to be synchronized.

For more information on deferred validation, see Synchronization and deferred validation.