Name clearance and account status

Name clearance

Name clearance is a process executed during account creation that verifies the account does not already exist.

Name clearance in the base configuration

In the base configuration, when a new account is created through the user interface, if the account appears to be a duplicate of an existing account, PolicyCenter alerts the user through the user interface with the names of any potentially matching accounts.

However, when using the POST /accounts endpoint, the account is always created, even if it appears to be a duplicate of an existing account. The fact that there were potentially matching accounts is not included in the response payload.

Configuring name clearance

Name clearance logic can be configured. If it is configured, then if you attempt to create a duplicate account through the POST /accounts endpoint, the call may succeed or fail based on the newly configured logic.

Account status

On account creation, the account status is set to "Pending". This indicates that the account exists but that there are no policies associated with it. Once the account has at least one policy, its status changes to "Active".