Adding coverables

Coverables are added using the appropriate LOB-specific endpoints. The information that can and must be included in the request will vary based on the coverable. Keep in mind that some values may not be required to create the coverable but may be required later to quote or bind the job.

For the base configuration Personal Auto product, there are no required fields for creating a vehicle. However, the following fields are required to quote the policy: costNew, licenseState, make, model, modelYear, vin. The following request payload is an example of creating a vehicle with fields that will pass validation for quoting.

POST /job/v1/jobs/pc:4040/lines/PersonalAutoLine/vehicles

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
        "costNew": {
            "amount": "33000",
            "currency": "usd"
        "licenseState": {
            "code": "CA"
        "make": "Toyota",
        "model": "Tercel",
        "modelYear": 2010,
        "vin": "459DEF32PO98Q1121"

Data created in addition to the coverable

When you create a coverable, either through PolicyCenter directly or through Cloud API, PolicyCenter automatically creates all coverages and child objects (such as exposures or exclusions) that meet the following criteria:

  • They are available when the call is made.
  • They have an existence type of "Required" or "Suggested".

For example, in the base configuration Personal Auto product, the PACollisionCov coverage is required on a vehicle. Thus, whenever you create a vehicle, PolicyCenter automatically adds a PACollisionCov coverage to it (provided it is available)..

Caller applications with sufficient authorization can disable this automatic creation of coverages and child objects. For more information, see Synchronization and deferred validation.