Primary named insured contacts

A primary named insured contact is an account contact associated with the policy using the PolicyPriNamedInsured role. A policy can have only one primary named insured.

The default primary named insured

When you create a policy, the submission job must specify an account. By default, the account contact with the "primary insured" role on the account is associated with the policy as the "primary named insured" on the policy.

Changing who is the primary named insured

If a policy has multiple account contacts, you can change which one is the primary named insured. To do this, use the POST /jobs/{jobId}/change-primary-named-insured endpoint. The POST requires a body with a primaryNamedInsured property whose ID is set to the ID of the appropriate account contact.

For example, the following changes the primary named insured from Ray Newton to Helena Newton (test_pp:3):

PATCH /job/v1/jobs/pc:4477/change-primary-named-insured

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "primaryNamedInsured": {
	  "id": "test_pp:3"