Working with product definitions

he Product Definition API supports a set of endpoints for querying products, lines, and reference code data.

Products and lines

The product and line endpoints provide read-only access to product data models.

The /productdefinition/v1/products/* endpoints can be used to query products and their associated lines and questions.

The /productdefinition/v1/lines/* endpoints can be used to query lines and their associated coverables, coverages, exposures, and questions.

Reference code data

The /productdefinition/v1/reference-data/* endpoints can be used to query collections of reference code data, such as cost codes or class codes.

The following types of reference code data are supported:

Endpoint Description Resource Guidewire entity
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/bop-class-codes BOP class codes BOPClassCode BOPClassCode
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/cost-codes Cost codes CostCode CostCode
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/industry-codes Industry codes IndustryCode IndustryCode
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/risk-classes Risk classes RiskClass RiskClass
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/tax-locations Tax locations TaxLocation TaxLocation
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/uw-issue-types Underwriting issue codes UWIssueType UWIssueType
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/wc-class-codes Workers' Comp class codes WCClassCode WCClassCode
/productdefinition/v1/reference-data/wc-fed-liab-class-codes Workers' Comp federal liability class codes WCFedLiabClassCode WCFedLiabClassCode