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Cloud Integration Overview

Customer Story

Succeed Insurance is embarking on a new project to implement all of the InsuranceSuite products and has a Digital front-end as well that will be built on top of Jutro. Succeed Insurance is currently in the inception phase of their project. They plan on going into production in the next 6 months.

As a part of their project, they must integrate with a number of different vendors. These include such services as fraud rating, repair estimation, and document storage.

As a part of inception, they want to understand the different options they have for performing the different integrations.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this chapter are:

  • Understand the different integrating technologies when integrating between an InsuranceSuite application an an external system.
  • Understand the different integration patterns when integrating between an InsuranceSuite application an an external system..

Integration Types

To provide guidance to Succeed Insurance for their integrations, we need to understand the kinds of integrations that are typically done for a customer. These integrations can take a number of forms. The following diagram shows the different integration options. Guidewire Integration Framework

Guidewire Cloud Integration Framework takes advantage of proven technologies, making it easier to develop integrations that are resilient and fault tolerant, as well as being easier to manage, operate, and troubleshoot. This chapter will give a high-level explanation of each of these integration mechanisms.