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Cloud API Documentation

The InsuranceSuite Cloud API is a set of RESTful system APIs that caller applications can use to request data from or initiate action within an InsuranceSuite application. These APIs provide content for the REST API framework that is present in all InsuranceSuite applications. The APIs are built using the Swagger 2.0 Specification.

The Business Flows and Configuration Guide provides information on the following topics:

  • How to consume Cloud APIs, including topics such as:
    • How to execute business actions, such as assignment for an activity
    • How to group multiple requests into a single call
    • How to use checksums to avoid lost updates
  • How to execute common business flows, including working with the following objects:
    • Accounts
    • Policy transactions
    • Out-of-sequence conflicts
    • Organizations and producer codes
    • Product definitions
    • Underwriting issues
  • How to configure the base configuration endpoints

For further details, refer to Cloud API Business Flows and Configuration

The Authentication Guide provides information on Cloud API authentication, including the following:

  • The supported types of callers
  • The support authentication methods
  • The various components of the authentication architecture
  • The features used to enforce endpoint access and resource access
  • The user or proxy user assigned to a session

For further details, refer to Cloud API Authentication

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