Business flows

The InsuranceSuite Cloud API is a set of RESTful system APIs that expose functionality in PolicyCenter so that caller applications can request data from or initiate action within PolicyCenter.

Cloud API for PolicyCenter includes the following:

  • Account API
  • Admin API
  • Common API
  • Composite API
  • Job API
  • Policy API
  • Product Definition API

Note that line of business (LOB)—specific endpoints are generated through Advanced Product Designer (APD) flows, and are not present in the default configuration. APD provides a low- or no-code approach to generating LOB endpoints that precisely match your lines.

Examples of Job and Policy APIs with a personal auto LOB are provided here for reference only:

  • Example: Job API with LOB
  • Example: Policy API with LOB

For further details, refer to the Guidewire Cloud API documentation on business flows.