Business flows: Framework APIs

The InsuranceSuite Cloud API is a set of RESTful system APIs that expose functionality in BillingCenter so that caller applications can request data from or initiate action within BillingCenter.

The following topics discuss how caller applications can initiate business flows related to the Common API and the Admin API. This includes:

  • The Common API
    • Working with activities
    • Working with documents
    • Working with notes
  • The Admin API
    • Working with users and groups
Note: The Common API contains endpoints for retrieving, modifying, and deleting activities, documents, and notes. However, as of this release, there are no endpoints for creating activities, documents, or notes. Thus, the endpoints in the Common API have limited value. The Common API has been included in BillingCenter primarily in anticipation of some future release that may support the ability to create activities, documents, or notes for accounts, policies, or producers.