A note is a free-form record of the actions or thinking of a user or process. Notes are typically used to capture information that cannot be easily captured in some other way on some other business object. Notes are typically created by users, but they can be created by batch processes or other system behavior within BillingCenter. They can also be created by caller applications using system APIs.

For a complete description of the functionality of notes in BillingCenter, see the Application Guide.

Note: The Common API contains endpoints for retrieving, modifying, and deleting notes. However, as of this release, there are no endpoints for creating notes. Thus, the notes endpoints in the Common API have limited value. The Common API has been included in BillingCenter primarily in anticipation of some future release that may support the ability to create notes for accounts, policies, or producers.
Note: ContactManager for Cloud API includes the Common API and its endpoints for working with notes. However, in the base configuration of the ContactManager application, there is no user interface or business rule support for notes. The notes endpoints have been included in Cloud API for ContactManager primarily for the sake of consistency, and also to support any insurer who wishes to configure ContactManager so that it can work with notes.